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Using an AP-277 to connect on campus housing

I was tasked with finding a way to connect one of our on-campus houses to the network. The house is about 100ft, or 30m, away from the nearest building that is connected via fiber back to the core switch. There is direct LoS between the house and the building. My question is, would a single AP-277 pointed directly at the house be sufficient, or would a point-to-point setup, using two AP-277s, be required?


The house is about 2000 square ft and is lived in by a family with 4 individuals. Thank you in advance for the help and suggestions.

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Re: Using an AP-277 to connect on campus housing

Second option.


if possible, do a point to point bridge to overcome the distance, and on the house end a seperate access point serving clients.

Do note to have a good 70 - 80 % clear freshel zone for the point to point bridges.


First option,


Direct cable connection to the AP in the house.

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