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Re: Using an IAP 105 as a mesh point

Looking at the dashboard>controller tab it says:


This is the version on the default booting partition. But there is an older one on the second partition (


The Controller is an Aruba3200-US, so I guess it is hardware for the United States, but I have to set it up for a company in Germany. The APs are supposed to be US devices, too (i was told they are but do not know how to verify that).

Re: Using an IAP 105 as a mesh point

Just note it will be illegal to operate the US controller on Germany, since the US controller will not allow the configuration of a DE AP group, nor will German law be a fan of someone running APs in US regulatory config (different channels at higher powers are allowed for DE that will cause issues with the authorities should it be reported or discovered.

For your mesh, if the AP-105 is converted from Instant and shows up on the controller, you need to make sure:


1. Yo uhave a much cluster configured for the AP group

2. That the portal is proisioned as a portal and shows up in the controller GUI as a portal

3. Then you will provision the 105 as a mesh point in that same AP group. Make sure once it's provisioned and rebooted that it's no longer connected to the wired network or it will loop your network and cause issues.


The User Guide and Outdoor MIMO VRD all cover the main concepts of doing mesh. I also think there's a few videos on Youtube. At some point i will be doing on for AOS 8.4 in the next few weeks to a month as well.


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Re: Using an IAP 105 as a mesh point

Thank you so much guys. All your provided informations pointed me in the right direction.
I finally figured out how to access the console of the IAP 105. Got it to boot properly. It attempts to connect to the DHCP server to get an IP address and fails, triggering this reboot loop.
So for now I know where the problem is.
Concerning the legal issue, I will inform my boss of it.
I have one more question.
The AP 105 is running on a very old software version:
APBoot (build 26618)
Built: 2011-01-07 at 13:42:04
The Controller runs on version .
Is it necessary to update the APs software or will it still work fine?
Thanks again.

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Re: Using an IAP 105 as a mesh point



Glad you´re going forward with your setup. The version you found there is the AP boot image and not the Aruba OS image. As soon as the AP is up in the controller it recieves the same Aruba OS version as the controller is currently running, automatically.



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Re: Using an IAP 105 as a mesh point

The apboot version does not change. It is not the software version that the access point runs. If you look further down, fyou will be able to see the ArubaOS version.

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Re: Using an IAP 105 as a mesh point

Thank you for the fast reply. Slowly but surely I get the hang of this.

I will mark this topic as answered, since the problem got identified.


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