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VAP/SSID/AAA Profiles - Naming Conventions

We're building out a new install on 8.2, curious if anyone has recommendations on naming conventions they've used for all the different profiles within a controller (AAA, VAP, Roles, etc)


Always curious what others in the industry are doing  - thanks!

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Re: VAP/SSID/AAA Profiles - Naming Conventions

my advise? Keep it simple.


With 8.x, if you use the GUI you're going to end up with wizard like configuration and for the most part your profile names will be choosen according to the SSID you are configuring with something attached at the end.


I REALY dislike this myself so I'm still configuring everything manualy.

Most of the time my vap, ssid, aaa, dot1x profiles are something simple like secure or guest. vap, ssid, aaa and dot1x for the same SSID all the exact same names so wehen looking at aaa profile guest , I know what ssid and vap profiles are linked with it.


Radio and arm profiles I try naming according to their geograpic location, i.e. buildingx or such as. I try to avoid including actual setting in these names as well, those might change.

Another thing I do is (almost) never change any default profiles. Defaults should remain defaults imho. You need to do a small change to it? Create a new profile for it cloning the default one.


That said, it realy is a matter of personal preference but maybe we have similar preferences? :)

Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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