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VC Naming Issue in AirWave

i just added a new AP into airwave and created the VC. the default VC name was setmeup-xxxx. I went into the settings of the vc on airwave and made the change then applied them. for some reason the setting keep reverting back to the orignal setmeup name. it takes the name change then turns right back around and changes it back. has anyone else had this issue?

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Re: VC Naming Issue in AirWave



is the AP in managed mode?
Which version of AirWave / Instant OS are you using?

setmeup-XXXX is the factory Default Name of the VC.

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Re: VC Naming Issue in AirWave

How are we trying to change the name? Are we using IGC and trying to change it through that or we using template mode and trying to change under manage page of device?(in this mode device needs to be in manage mode on Airwave).

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Re: VC Naming Issue in AirWave

this issue was realted to a mismatch issue that was happening with the main VC and the vc i was trying to change. so i deleted the vc and had it recreate itself which fixed the issue.

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