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VIA - Answer Scripts Revisited

Was curious if anyone has configured VIA with IKEv2 using a machine cert to authenticate.  I have the functionality working, however I'm trying to avoid any end user intervention.  When the connection profile is downloaded and VIA launches, a "Select Certificate" window shows up, which is loaded with all of your local user and machine certificates.  To connect you have to select the latest machine cert, which works great.  But I want this cert selection process to be done via a script of some kind.  Anyone tried this before?

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Re: VIA - Answer Scripts Revisited

I dont think it is possible as of now to make Windows VIA choose a certificate using script. With Linux VIA can do that by cli script. You might be interested to know that we are working on avoiding thedisplay of certificate selection box if there is a single certificate that is suitable for Client authentication.

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