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VIA and LAN/WLAN switching feature



We're using an HP notebooks, which have the LAN/WLAN switching feature enabled in the bios. This feature is suposed to kill the WiFi adapter when a network cable is plugged in. This makes sure that users aren't unknowingly connected to 2 networks at the same time.


This used to work fine on our old HP notebooks, also when combined with the VIA client.


We just got a new HP notebook, a Elitebook 840 G3 that is suffering from an issue. The notebook is using the same Windows 8.1 image, and the same version of the Via Client ( When it's connected to WiFi (no network cable plugged in), it starts connecting through VIA (good, it is suposed to). However, as soon as VIA is done connecting, the WiFi connection is killed and of course, the VIA connection fails.


The logic seems to be that the Elitebook seems to 'think' that the VIA Virtual adapter becoming active is equal to a network cable being plugged, therefor killing the WiFi. This is not suposed to happen.


As soon as we disable the LAN/WLAN switching feature in the bios, everything becomes fine. Except of course, we now risk that users plugged in to a network cable are also unknowingly connected to WiFi, causing weird network issues.


Has anybody experienced this and maybe know of a way to resolve this? Update the Elitebook bios? Update the VIA client? Update the WiFi driver? Update the ethernet Driver??


Again: there is no issue with this bios setting and via client on older HP notebooks that we use. The older notebooks seem to 'understand' a virtual adapter is not the same thing as a real wired adapter.

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Re: VIA and LAN/WLAN switching feature

Hmmm, seems they've got the same problem with Cisco AnyConnect...


And as a work-around, they've disabled lan/wlan switching and are now using a different method to make sure users aren't connected to 2 networks at the same time. Might look into that.
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