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VIA with NAT

My controller connects to the rest of the internal network via an access port - one vlan. I've got VIA working fine assigning remote clients an IP address on that VLAN.


But I'd like to create a new subnet for VIA clients and NAT them to the internal network. What settings need to change to make this happen?



Re: VIA with NAT

Is it not needed (nor advised) to give your VIA clients IP addresses in a real subnet connected to the controller. In most cases it is better to configure your VIA users pool with an address range that only exists on the controller, and for which you have a route in your network to the controller.


That avoids the need to use NAT, which can introduce other complexity.


This topic is covered in the VIA AppNote that is available here. Start reading on page 17, Address Pools, for this specific topic including some references to other documents.

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Re: VIA with NAT

Hi Herman:

Thank you, that makes perfect sense.

I forget that there's a router built in to the controller. I enabled OSFP to advertize the new subnet, and now VIA clients can easily route to the rest of the internal network. Much easier than NAT!


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