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VLAN association with SSID




I have created 4 VLANs on controller VLAN 1, 2 , 3 , 4

I am creating a ssid  using WLAN wizard in that I have associated VLAN 1 for that SSID

but I want to put clients in VLAN 2,3,4 as per the server derived rules using Radius do i need to associate all the vlans

while creating the SSID ?

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Re: VLAN association with SSID

The easiet wy to acheive this is to create different roles and map it to their respective vlan. Then use the server drived rules to associate the users to each role which will then put the users to the right vlan. Regarding associating the ssid to the vlans, I think you have to add all the vlans under your vap profile.
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Re: VLAN association with SSID

No, I don't think it is necessary to add all four VLANs under the VAP profile. You can have just one VLAN under the VAP, while user falling into different VLANs through User/Server derivation rules. 

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