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VLAN information incorrect in Airwave reports

I'm curious to know whether anyone else has noticed incorrect VLAN ID information in Airwave reports. I set up a custom report with the "Client Session: Sessions" option selected and ran the report against one of my wireless networks. This particular wireless network has a VLAN ID assigned, though this is usually overridden by RADIUS and the user is placed in one of many other VLANs. While the report does show these other VLAN IDs, the vast majority of the time it shows the user as being in the default VLAN ID (I use the word default here to describe the default assigned to the wireless network in Aruba, which is not default VLAN 1!). On the Aruba controllers if I carry out the command "show user-table verbose" it lists the default VLAN ID with the actual VLAN ID in use in brackets next to it. It would seem that sometimes Airwave uses the default instead of the assigned VLAN. I have confirmed through testing that the default is not being used and is appearing in the reports so I'm confident it's not a configuration issue.


For information, I'm running Airwave v8.2.2.1 and the 7210 controllers I use are running ArubaOS




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Re: VLAN information incorrect in Airwave reports

I think I'm seeing the same thing. When looking at the connected client list, the client's IP address is from the correct VLAN, while the VLAN listed may or may not be correct.  I assume this would show in the reports as well.


I opened a case with TAC on it in September of last year and gave up on it after playing phone tag and what not for a month or two. It also wasn't critical. I figured it would get fixed eventually.

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Re: VLAN information incorrect in Airwave reports

Thanks, it does sound like it's the same problem.


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