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VLAN per Interface

Hi All,


Im looking to move an SSID / VLAN onto an interface all of its own on our controllers.

ATM if1/0 is carrying 4 VLAN's worth of data and id like to split that up.


I've setup if1/2 and assigned it to the appropriate VLAN and assigned the Wiress AAA Profile for the SSID


Yet I can see that all the traffic from this VLAN is still going via if1/0

The switch configs are good, I can plug a device into the configured switch ports and grab an DHCP adress from the correct VLAN. So I know for sure that the SSID is still using if1/0


Is it even possible to force all traffic from an SSID to a particualr port or crude it up a little and LCAP all 4 ports and grant each VLAN access?


Many thanks,

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Re: VLAN per Interface



Though the problem description is not clear, let me explain how Aruba technology works.

1. If you bring up an AP on tunnel mode, client traffic will be terminated directly on the controller and controller will map policies to that traffic.

2. Mapping VLAN to that traffic depends on Server derived/Role/VAP,

3. First controller will check whether there is any SDR for VLAN mapping if not it will check Whether any VLAN mapped to the Role (Authenticated) if not it will map the VLAN which is mapped to the VAP (SSID)


bottom line is, On which VLAN-Interface the traffic will hit depends on the above criteria.


Hope I tried to give some clarity, if not please feel free to comeback.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: VLAN per Interface

Hi Venu,


Many thanks for the clarification, Ive managed to get it working based on your explination.


Most appreciated.

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