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VLAN pooling issue

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We have an ongoing issue for the Wi-Fi users not getting IP address. The SSID is allocated with a VLAN pool of 4 VLANs running with EVEN algorithm. We changed the algorithm to HASH due to this issue. But still the issue is persisitng. The DHCP scope is configured in an external DHCP server. The subnet size of the VLANs are 256,256,128,64. Once the VLAN with subnet size of 64 is full, then the users are not receiving IP address even though the other scopes have enough IP addresses. We can see from the debug logs that the controller is assigning the VLAN which is full. Is the controller, not intelligent enough to switch the user to another VLAN, if the user is not receiving IP address for some time? Can anyone suggest a solution for this issue apart from increasing the DHCP scope. 


Thank you in advance.

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Re: VLAN pooling issue

All the vlan sizes should be the same.


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