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VMC on KVM causes 100% CPU on allocated cores


I've for a virtual MC running on a ubuntu 16.04 system for a test environment. Given the type of testing I've only allocated 3 CPU and 4gig of ram as per the install guide. I've got the VM to start and sucessfully configure as needed. However, I've notice that when the start up process starts the "AOS service" the allocated CPU's on the host got the 100% and stay they irrespective of the actual load on the VMC. I've confirm with "show cpuload" that it's idle and datapath show very limiited traffic. I've booted a second plan linux VM to confirm that it's not behaviour that is kvm wide.


The one thing I couldn't follow in the install guide was selecting "RHEL 7.2" on the OS type. I was able to select 7.0.


What's causing the apparent high load to the host? 

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