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VMC related questions

I have some questions in my mind regarding VMC.

Hope someone can give me some answer


  1. RAP-3WNP Instant OS
Minimum SW version
Aruba Instant 3.0
-I am interested to know about Instant OS.
Does it mean if I want to make RAP-3 as IAP. I need to install Instant OS.
Or when I need to use it as AP. I need to reformat it and install ArubaOS?
2. If I am using VMC 8.2 and I only have 1 NIC
Can I use that nic as Management port and the port that connected to all APs
3. Let say I want to try VMC and CPPM with EVAL key.
Can I use same key for two VMCs or CPPMs
If the key expired. Can I use the same key by resetting to factory default.
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Re: VMC related questions

1. The RAP-3WNP should be able to run as an Instant. If it is now a campus-AP or Remote-AP, after a reset with the reset button, the AP should return to Instant firmware. Check this post to find the reset button.

2. I assume connecting a VMC on a single port should work if you only connect the first production interface, which is the second network interface in VMWare. Leave management disconnected, and use in-band management.

3) Licenses for the VMC are on the Mobility Master if you have them, and you can connect two (or more) VMCs on the same license pool.  For the right eval licensing, please work with your local Aruba Sales team.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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