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VPN S2S Tunnel Question

Hi together,

i have to ask some details about this ASE


ASE s2s Tunnel


My Task is to configure a active (live) controller so i have to be sure what iam doing :-)


We have a moving 7005 with dyn Internet IP and i want to connect that controller with VPN to our corporate.


So the ASE is fine but i am not really happy about the explanation of src-net %dyn_src_network% %dyn_src_mask%
dst-net %dyn_dst_network% %dyn_dst_mask%


Also the guide didnt explain the meaning.


So in my case for Example lets say i have a on my moving controller. And f.e. on the static VPN "Hub" i have a and one

Goal is reached when and can reach the and vice versa.


What do i need here as src and dst-net on the hub and on the moving.


I only know the cisco method with ACLs and tunnel IFs so maybe thats the cause why i am a little bit confused :-)


Thanks in advance for a explanation!

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Re: VPN S2S Tunnel Question

Any suggestions?

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Re: VPN S2S Tunnel Question


src-net %dyn_src_network% %dyn_src_mask%
dst-net %dyn_dst_network% %dyn_dst_mask%


This is really the "ACL" which Network Adresses can use the tunnel to which destinations. Currently i don't know why you also can add a route ACL on top.


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