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VPN tunnel, Layer-2 or Layer-3

Hi all,


It would be great if someone can help with a piece of advice. I am trying to send client traffic (several VLANs) from site A to site B through VPN tunnel between two Mobility Controllers. Scenario goes like this:


  • First MC is on site A (MC-A) and its Management IP is NATted behind firewall
  • Second MC is on site B (MC-B) and its Management IP is NATted behind firewall
  • MC-A has user VLANs added (traffic is incoming from access LAN switch that is connected directly to the MC-A, and switch ports are in access mode with user VLANs configured on them)
  • MC-B has user VLANs, and VLAN interfaces, added (reason for this is that all user traffic coming from site A will terminate on MC-B, and then be routed from MC-B to internal network)

What would be the best VPN solution for this kind of scenario, L-2 or L-3, having in mind NATting? Thanks.





Kind regards,
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