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VRRP - Master/Backup master setup

We currently have a 7210 as our master controller with no AP's terminating on it. We're putting in another 7210 in another building and configuring it to be a backup master. I'd like to setup VRRP between the both and I'm wondering if it is best practice to build a physical link between the two and only allow VRRP traffic over it or should I used my existing uplink (trunk) and just add the VLAN I'm creating for the VRRP instance?

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Re: VRRP - Master/Backup master setup

The latter.


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Re: VRRP - Master/Backup master setup



Here we need to consider only distance and reachablity. If their iplink is L2 ( Not routed)  then you can use the uplink to bring up VRRP, otherwise create a separate link.


Here important thing is VRRP heart beat, Mater redundancy rely on VRRP, as long as the VRRP is stable Master redundancy will be stable :)


Please feel free if you need some more clarity on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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