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VRRP VIA Configuration

Hi Airheads Comunity,


currently I like to setup a VRRP configuration with two Aruba 3400 Controllers.

We use RAP´s, AP´s and VIA cliens connecting to the controler cluster.

RAP´s and AP´s seems to be working fine but I am currently facing some issues with my VIA clients.
I got some problems with the licence pooling feature because the VPN licences are not been pooled between the two VRRP members.
Now I got the licences on both controllers.
But before I perform the next tests within my running environment, I like to make sure that everything will work fine.
So I like to know if there is any further configuration necessary on the controllers to serve VIA clients in HA scenario.

I have already set up a VIA Address Pool on each Controller at Configuration >Advanced Services > VPN Services.

Do I have to perform further configuration on each Controller or will they synch theyr VIA configuration via VRRP?

Thanks for Your Support




Re: VRRP VIA Configuration



Read some info here:

http://www.arubanetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/RAPVRD_version_8.pdf  (page 13)


Read here - what will sync and what not sync between master - master standby.




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