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VRRP and HA Issues

I have 2 Alcatel 4450 controllers in Master/StandbyMaster mode configured, with a single VRRP and HA configured. The settings works fine and the 2 controllers communicate well in the sense that, if the master goes down, the standby switches quickly to Master and back to Standby when the master is reachable again. In the logs, it says that the configurations has been synched without any errors. Even though i know not all configurations will be synched, but in my case, non is synched. Not even the WLAN SSIDs, absolutely nothing. Can someone be of help?


thanks in advance

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Re: VRRP and HA Issues



I think the same question was answered couple of days back.


in order to sync the config among Master-Standby, either we need to use command "write memory" on the master or should wait for database sync interval.

To verify the same you can use "show switches" and "show database synchronize" to verify the same.

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