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VRRP funcionality



Ive searched trough the airheads forum but havent gotten all the answers to my questions

Could you please help me with the following ones?


We have a customer that have 2 controllers, controllerA and controllerB. He wants to have 3 different VLANs with vrrp.
1. Is it possible to have the controllers run i active/active and having full database/configuration synchronization enabled? Not master/local but both masters and handling APs
2. Do we have to enable LMS to configure where VLANs will terminate? for choosing master controller
3. Is it neccesary to configure VRRP if we will use LMS ip?
4. If we are having a VRRP address, do we need to add it to the dns or will ADP automatically detect it?
5. If we run the controllers in master/standby, what will trigger the controller to change master? Is it when the management ip is down?

Re: VRRP funcionality

1. Yes,As ,Master - MasterStandby (If both of the controller masters....there will be no  DB sync as far as i aware)


2.No , Just assigen each controller L3 interface to any needed VLAN


3.it's two diffrent things...LMS-IP is not needed when using VRRP , it's needed to tell spesefic AP-GROUPS in front of what controller to work - in it usully good in Local - Master Redundancy.


4.I advise u to add it as DNS record also (dont always trust on the ADP process)




More info about Redundancy here:



And also in the attached PDF.



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Re: VRRP funcionality

thanks for your answers


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