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VRRP problem

Hi all,


one VRRP problem want to ask and i feel very confused.:smileyfrustrated:



these two controller is Master/Local and Active/Passive Design. the controller uplink is trunk and user vlan gateway is on the swtich.


i want to ask is that if the inter-link of the switch is broken, which controller will be become the active?


any document can be provide??


thx a lot.

Re: VRRP problem

In your drawing, if the link between switches is broken, then you will have a "split brain" scenario with BOTH controllers acting as VRRP master.  VRRP is a ROUTER redunandcy protocol...not a LINK redundancy protocol.  So...I would advise each controller with dual links to each switch but be careful about spanning tree.

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Re: VRRP problem

so lacp is recommended design
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