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Verify Tunnel and Bridge SSIDs

Hi experts,


Is there anyway to verify my tunnel and bridge SSIDs are working properly in practice? I mean, I have configured two SSIDs in my controller, one is in tunnel mode and the other one is in bridge mode. When I connect to them, both work properly, I can ping, browse, etc. But I wonder if there is anyway to see practically how the traffic goes within a tunnel in tunnel mode or how the traffic is locally bridge. I tried by doing a tracert to when I am connected to the tunnel SSID to see if the controller IP address is showed as one hop before the gateway, but it doesn't appear. It is for testing purposes.




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Re: Verify Tunnel and Bridge SSIDs

The user table will say forwarding mode of tunneled or bridged.

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Re: Verify Tunnel and Bridge SSIDs

Hi Juilan,


Please check the output for "show datapath session table <ipaddress of client>


The above command will only show the traffic which is sent to the controller (Tunnel mode).


The traffic for bridge mode SSID will not show up in the above output. You can check it with the command:


show  datapath session ap-name <name of the AP>


The above command will show the bridge mode traffic as client traffic is bridged by the AP.

Re: Verify Tunnel and Bridge SSIDs

Hi Nitesh,


I have run those commands and indeed they work very well and prove how the traffic is tunneled or bridged :)

One more question about this, when I created the bridge SSID, the controller asked me to enable CPSec first. Otherwise, I couldn't create the bridge SSID. But this didn't happen with the tunnel SSID. Why this limitation on bridge SSIDs?




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Re: Verify Tunnel and Bridge SSIDs

Hi Julian,


The answer for this question is listed in the following thread:



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