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Verizon MiFI

I am seeing a lot of interference from these MiFi personal hot spots. I had one the other day that took a whole floor of a building down. I am also tired of chasing them down and telling people to take them home. Anyone else having problems with MiFi personal hot spots?
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Re: Verizon MiFI

I see them absolutely everywhere, but fortunately they haven't caused us any issues as of yet.
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Re: Verizon MiFI

Whe you say "take a whole floor of a building down", how did you detect that the utilization of the MIFI device made it impossible to connect on that floor? We have seen mifi devices cause some level of interference, but they follow 802.11 rules, so they generally play decent. What kind of mifi device was this and what tools did you use to diagnose?

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Re: Verizon MiFI

I have over 600 foreign AP's on some of my properties that I have covered in their entirety with an Aruba installation and am not having any issues.
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Re: Verizon MiFI

Any config tweaks to help deal with the MiFi devices would be great!

We have a number of remote sites, each using a single RAP5 to provide connectivity. Because out sales force are "tablet road warriors", they are all being issued MiFi devices to provide "out of the office" connectivity. Our concern is of course when they bring the devices into the office. We could have as many as 30 - 40 sales people in the office with their MiFi devices running. They are set to "disable" when no one is connected for a set # of mins but what happens to our office wifi environment until the devices "time out"???

The roll out is just starting so the next few months will show how well everything behaves.


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