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Video streaming on 8.2

In our wired environment, we have several encoders with video content.  I've been asked about the possibility of making this content available in our MM/MD environment.


In the wired environment, we're running PIM-Sparse and IGMP, and our MD's are configured to egress the various client vlan's to our core router. (there's no routing that's being done on the MD's)


What would be the best method of allowing wireless clients to access this content?

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Re: Video streaming on 8.2

The md acts as an igmp proxy for connected users. The user guide has a section dedicated to multicast proxy which should help with details that may be relevant to your deployment.

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Re: Video streaming on 8.2

This fall's into getting bit by an upgrade from 6.x to 8.x.


Under 6.x, there was an option to convert multi-cast to unicast's... and apparently that would allow multicasts to work without having L3 ip addresses associated with each vlan.  (So, prior to our conversion to a MM/MD environment, this worked... without IGMP-Proxy or IGMP Snooping).


We have multiple vlan's that are passed to a core router...  somewhere in the order of 70 vlan's if I remember correctly.


Without enabling IGMP-Proxy or snooping, the core router would actually see the multicast join request, but ultimately that would fail.



So I'm having to add IP addreses to each vlan so I can enable IGMP-Proxy...  Which I think officially converts us to L3, though we're not actually routing any of the traffic in the controllers or on the MM.... 


Honestly this is kind of screwy, but it seems to work.



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