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Viewing ArubaOS MySQL tables offline?

Commonly we have situations where it would be nice to view the WMS database (particularly the WMS ap_table) information offline.  For example, reviewing an old flashbackup for a point-in-time view of what information was in the controller.


Unfortunately, whenever I try to open the db-back.wms sql file via MySQL Workbench it just throws a bunch of errors when trying to build and import the table information from the file.


Is there any way to view the WMS database information offline from the flashbackup, without importing it into a controller? Viewing the ap_table info from the file itself (ex: view via Notepad) isn't very readable.  It's clearly a MySQL dump file, but it doesn't appear to open properly in MySQL tools.


Thanks for any pointers, it would be very helpful to be able to read this info offline.



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Re: Viewing ArubaOS MySQL tables offline?



You might want to open a support case, but not sure how far you will get.  At some point, some databases are now encrypted, so the tools you would use probably do not work anymore.  Support might be able to confirm that.


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Re: Viewing ArubaOS MySQL tables offline?

I realize that you want to view them, as cautionary note, please keep in mind, even if that is possible, changes to the database schema and importing it back could have potential ill effects on the overall health of the system.


i am interested to know, what is the use case for viewing it offline.


On a similar note, We have a command to export the gap-db off of running system

# export gap-db <filename>


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Re: Viewing ArubaOS MySQL tables offline?



It would be helpful to view the WMS ap_table and global AP tables offline for historical snapshot view of APs (either installed, neighboring or rogue) in the environment, either for generating troubleshooting files (ex: BSSID to AP name maps for survey related files) or for looking back over time at the radio environment.  Assuming a customer has a series of flashbackups over time, these tables can be used to get a long-term view of the 802.11 environment records.


I'm only interested in getting these tables to display/output properly via MySQL tools.  I am not concerned with modifying the table data to then re-import into the controller.  This is just for read-only needs of the archived AP table information.



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