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Re: Virtual Controller IP

Awesome! Good Luck! :)

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Re: Virtual Controller IP

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Hi zailon0,


I have just tested the SSH option and re-direction with VC IP and you are right. Then I will configure VC IP in a couple of days when I implement the cluster in customer site. Thanks very much!




Also, you are configuring all of the access points with static ip addresses which is a big pain.  The real strategy is to allow all access points to have DHCP, but configure a VC IP that can always be reached, so that you can always manage your cluster as long as they always are on the same subnet.  This could simplify deployment in the long run as MOST people, even in large deployments do not use static ip addresses...

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Re: Virtual Controller IP

Many thanks Colin!


Best regards,


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Re: Virtual Controller IP


I know this is not the forum, however, I need help setting up snmp in the IAP / Virtual Controller, and then monitoring this IAP in some management * Nagius, Cacti, ZABBIX ....), do you have experience to help me?

How do I query an IAP 103 managed by Aruba Central (virtual WLC - in the cloud) by ZABBIX? Even with SNMP enabled in the settings, I try to call the snmpwalk through zabbix: snmpwalk -v 2c -c hp-aruba <community name> <AP IP addr> and I have no answers, does anyone know how to consult?
Our WLC is managed in the cloud, how do I configure the IP address?

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