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Virtual Mobility controllers - 802.1q on VmWARE workstation

Hello All,


I was thinking of  building a VMC - VMM toplogy on my VmWARE workstation 15 pro, when i came across this doubt.


As long as i have everything under a single L2 domain - its all good.

How can i ever have multiple VLANs flow into - say G0/0/0 on my VMC , when using VMware workstation ?


It seems to only support the concept of "vmNet"s which can be configured as single "Host-only" networks.

Ofcourse i can configure seperate vmNets -  but cannot merge two vmNets together and create a trunk port of sorts. 


Is there any workaround for this ? Has anyone tried implementing 802.1Q interfaces on VMWorkstation ?



Rahul Nair.



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