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Visual RF Displaying Rogue Opposite Side of Floor

I've got a very small wifi setup on one of our office building floors. We have 2 AP105's and 1 AP125. I have imported the floor plan and it is showing all of the information correctly, or so I thought. RAPIDS picked up a Suspected Rogue and displayed it in the North West corner of the building. Using a wifi analyzer we actually tracked the AP down on the South East corner. All of the other information displayed in RAPIDS was accurate except for the location. Could it be that I have somehow misconfigured something? It seems too coincidental that the location would be the exact opposite side of the floor.

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Re: Visual RF Displaying Rogue Opposite Side of Floor

Take a look at the APs/AMs that can hear the rouge AP. Are they in the right locations or are they also in inverse locations like the rouge? 


If there was some problem when the floor plan diagram when it was added, you may try to remove it and re-add it. But I can't think of any particular setting that would cause that.

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