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Visual RF Plan

Good evening,


Just a quick question about Visual RF Plan.


I have a building where ceiling mounting AP-105s just isn't possible due to the design of the ceilings. They are sloped rather than flat and don't have anywhere suitable to mount except on the walls. If I put my electronic plan of the building into VRF Plan and let it decide where to place the APs's, does VRF Plan assume that the AP's will be ceiling mounted when it produces its heatmap? I assume that coverage would be different based on ceiling vs wall mounting?





Re: Visual RF Plan

Yes, VRF is assuming ceiling placement of the access points (the 99 percentile of deployment locations...).


When you load the building into Visual RF, how many APs is it estimating for the area with the sloped roof as-is ?

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Re: Visual RF Plan



Thanks for the reply. If I draw the region to include just 2 rooms that are adjacent (all rooms have sloped ceilings), then VRF estimates that I require 1 AP. I did state that there would be 15 clients in this area and 15 clients per radio (these are just estimates).


I just wondered if there was a option to display coverage as if the APs were on walls instead of ceilings, so that I could see where the heatmap would project.


Thank you.

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