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I have Airwave and have been re-drawing walls, windows, almost everything after I import the ACad file into V-RF.  Is there a better way without breaking the bank?  Even if it is expensive - the way I am doing it stinks.  Please help.....


Re: Visual RF Tools

Is your ACad file in dwg or dwf format?  What version of ACad was used to build the file?  Is the ACad file a single file or does it use XRef to another file?  There's a known limitation where VisualRF does not follow XRef links between files.  Do the layers for walls show up when you do the floor plan upload?  If the layers are present in the image, I'd expect them to be present post upload.  Please open a support case and send in a few floor plan images that you're trying to use.

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Visual RF Tools

Thank you.  The ACad is 2013 - I will have to look at the specific version - it is not on my current PC.  The files are .dwg and the walls and everything are there post and after I import - they are there in the diagram but just as a picture it seems.  There is no reference data with the files I am importing.  


I am going to open a case now and attach files.  I appreciate the advice.




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