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VisualRF Import RF Layers

I loathe drawing.  I just don't have the skill for it.


This is the *only* reason, I really liked Trapeze/Juniper RingMaster.  We have nearly every building and floor in Autocad 2002 DWG files - and some of them have been broken out with layers such that bricks are on one layer, concrete another, doors a third.  RingMaster allows us to import the DWG file and understood - due to naming convention - what and where all the different RF obstacles are.


Fast forward to the present where RingMaster isn't exactly the best software and Airwave/VisualRF is just awesome.


Except where I have to draw the stinking walls. :)


Are there any tools or tricks that would allow us to import the RF obstacles into VisualRF without taxing my extremely limited artistic ability?


Many Thanks!!


Benjamin J. Higgins (’97)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Contributor I

Re: VisualRF Import RF Layers

So a bunch of interest - but no real answers huh?  :(

Benjamin J. Higgins (’97)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Re: VisualRF Import RF Layers

I don't really have any good shortcuts here.  In general, we only advise adding exterior walls.  The VisualRF process doesn't require internal walls unless they are concrete.


This would be a great feature request to make through the ideas portal.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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