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VisualRF Plan, Ceiling Height & AP Placement

It doesn't look as if setting the distance between floors makes any difference to the Heatmap displayed in VisualRF Plan when placing APs.  


Is there a maximum "distance between floors (ft)" that VisualRF Plan will acknowledge?  


Does setting the "distance between floors (ft)" in the building or setting "Ceiling Height (ft)" when adding a floor plan make any difference in the Heatmap shown once you add APs?  


If anyone has any experience w/ this I'd really like to hear it.


I'm running 7.6.0 (build: 370)...  Better see if there's an upgrade...





Re: VisualRF Plan, Ceiling Height & AP Placement

I am unsure what the max value here is but unless this is a warehouse or something with very high ceilings, these values are left as defaults.

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