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VisualRF display of suspected neighbors.

Is there a way to display suspected neighbors in VisualRF?  After applying a ruleset in RAPIDS, most of our former rogues are now classified as suspected neighbors which is accurate however we are no longer able to view them in VisualRF to help in evaluating their impact on our wireless network.  Is there a way to see these APs again or something additionla that needs to be done to allow them as visible interferers?


Re: VisualRF display of suspected neighbors.

Yeah, I often wish for the same thing. Probably ought to go check the feature request list to see if it's been requested already.


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Re: VisualRF display of suspected neighbors.

By Default interferers will not be sent to VisualRF, else this could cause unwanted resource utilization for VisualRF. 

However, if you want to monitor interferers on VisualRF, you could any time enable "send_interferers_to_vrf" option using the commands below:

To check:

[root@localhost log]# dbc 'select send_interferers_to_vrf from seas_config ;'
(1 row)

To update:

[root@localhost log]# dbc 'update seas_config set send_interferers_to_vrf = 1 ;'

Now, go to the VisualRF floor plan and hit the refresh button from Edit > Action >Refresh


Hope this helps.



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