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VisualRF - manually drawing walls - it can't be this hard

(sorry if I'm posting in the wrong location, not clear from choices where to go with this)


So, VisualRF -- have to draw and edit walls


I'm not used to having so little control with a linedrawing app (I'm used to Freehand/Illustrator/Bluebeam)...


I seem to have times where I can not select existing walls--at certain points, the only thing the app wants to do is create new ones--which is maddening.


  • Any way to constrain (make line 100% vertical or horizontal) while drawing a line?
  • Is there any trick to getting into "selection" mode, as opposed to "draw new wall" mode?
  • There has to be an option to get VRF to turn off the warning prompt ("Delete Selected Items?") that pops up EVERY TIME I WANT TO DELETE A SINGLE POINT/NODE.
  • Shortcut keys? Are there any?

Re: VisualRF - manually drawing walls - it can't be this hard

This makes a compelling feature request.  Please add to the ideas portal in the support site.  Currently there's only the manual path for drawing walls, but I will bring up your suggestions with Product Management.

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Re: VisualRF - manually drawing walls - it can't be this hard

Can we also find out when we can import AutoCAD files and have the walls on certain layers automatically added? This was one of the only features from Juniper/Trapeze Ringmaster that I really don't want to live without. At one point it was slated for *soonish* but havent heard about it since.

We've spent months updating all of our campus maps... I'm not eager to redraw all the walls ;)
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