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VisualRF - moving buildings to new campus - and replacing AP's

Imported a bunch of buildings - now they are all in the upper left corner - and too many to auto-arrange......  so I've split my main campus now into multiple.


Is there an easier way to move building into the proper campus... ie perform some batch update to the database etc....?


Also I've replaced some AP70 with 105's  in amp I used the replace hardware option... on visual RF the AP's still look like AP70's and are reported as such -  did I abuse the replace hardware option - is that only meant when replacing with same model AP?

Does this impact the acuracy of the RF overlays and location information - or just an icon mismatch?


Will the AP's update with time - or do I need to remove them from the floorplans and re-add?






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Re: VisualRF - moving buildings to new campus - and replacing AP's

Hi Travis,


The postgres table you want to tinker with would be 'visualrf.building'. You should change the 'campus_id' column to your desired value. 


example: airwave=> UPDATE visualrf.building SET campus_id = '162bb99a-06bc-4a99-9a59-ae40a1d60cc5' where id ='0bd65cb2-35ca-42aa-b258-ea87c0b17a95';


The above example is for one entry but you can modify it based on your requirement. You have to restart VRF for the change to manifest.


For your second query, you should not have to re add the AP's. The restart should automatically take care of this.

Let me know how it goes.


- Srini

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