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VisualRf Grid Cell Size

I'm importing an Autocad drawing as a floorplan.  After the import the drawing comes up and is properly sized.  This floorplan is roughly 1075 ft X 575 ft.  The minimum grid cell size selectable is 20 X 20.  This seems unreasonably restrictive as we'd prefer a much smaller grid cell size (5 X 5 at least).  In reading through some of the documentation, I see where by default that VisualRf attemps to allocate 2500 cells to a floorplan.  In this case, at the minimum  selectable 20 X 20 grid cell size, I'm only at 1545 cells - well below even the "default" allocation.


20 X 20 doesn't provide the level of location accuracy we are looking for.  I realize that system resources play a large role in capacity, but am I wrong in thinking this isn't enough granularity?  We do have roughly 25 access points covering this area that I'm sure will up the calculations, but I haven't even started to map those out yet.




Re: VisualRf Grid Cell Size

Is 20x20 the only option during the import wizard?  What happens after the import wizard if you navigate to the building and right click on the floor plan to get the edit menu?






The edit drop down should allow for a few more options than the wizard does (as the edit options are purposely more relaxed about grid cell sizing).

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