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Visualrf not starting properly...

Hi, I have a problem with visualrf not starting or i should say not responding.  It is enabled and the system->status tab says the engine is "OK".  If you go to the Visualrf->floorplans tab it responds:

"VisualRF engine is not currently running. It may be disabled. Enable it on the Visual Setup page. The engine may take a few minutes to start after it is enabled."


At the end of /var/log/visualrf there is the following:


2012-03-27 13:44:40,031 WARN  Main         com.airwave.svg.init.Startup waiting for the AuthorizationService to bootstrap

any ideas as to what AuthorizationService i should be looking at?



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Re: Visualrf not starting properly...

I'm having problems with VisualRF starting too. I get the following error in the VisualRF log:


WARN  AirBusMs[2]  com.airwave.core.EventDispatcherImpl Thread[AirBusMs[2]] is waiting on service[Event] to start, method[fire]
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Re: Visualrf not starting properly...

After a little investigation it looks like VisualRF maxed out its allocated memory.


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Re: Visualrf not starting properly...

We have been getting this as well lately. We upgraded the memory on our servers. Check the sizing guide to ensure you are within your limits. I have also recently been told it may be fixed by upgrading to 7.4.8. I would check with TAC to see if this applies to your situation.

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