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VoWLAN Setup ??

Hello All

I am trying to set up WLAN for Voice with a view to let the wireless VoIP phones obtain IP address from DHCP same as wired VoIP phones and get routed out from local LAN via the local LAN router unlike the wireless data which get tunnelled to the controller at core site. Currently the wireless data gets tunnelled out onto the controller which is at the core site from where it gets routed out its gateway. Wireless AP and the PC-Data on same LAN and traffic gets routed to the core site.


Want to get the voice traffic (both wired & wireless) out of the local gateway rather than going to core site. Wired voice traffic is setup sucessfully and but need help with the wireless voice setup, What kind of setup I need to be looking to explore


Our network setup is as below and FYI included topology attachement.

Aruba 6000 M3 Controller

ArubaOS 6.1

Aruba AP 135

VLAN1 - Wired WAP's & LAN PC's

VLAN 100 - Wireless Data (Tunnel Mode)

VLAN 200 - Wired & Wireless VoIP.

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Re: VoWLAN Setup ??


Re: VoWLAN Setup ??



Do you need help setting voice for a remote site ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: VoWLAN Setup ??

yes please, I want to achieve both wired and wireless phones in single vlan 200.



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