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WAVE 2 technology

Hi Airheads Community,


I would like to clarify some thing regarding wave 2:

1. if we use Aruba AP 325 (wave 2) and connect it to non Mgig switch, would be able to maximize the 2.5 Gbps? or still 1G (2G if we aggregate) since Aruba AP 325 has no smart rate port?

2. If we use Aruba AP 335 (wave 2 and has smart rate port), does it have intervendor compatibility with CISCO 3650 MGIG switch? I mean, would we be able to maximize wave 2 technology (2.5 Gbps) without link aggregation?


Thank you very much!




Re: WAVE 2 technology

1. AP-325 has no smart-rate switch port, so it would be 1G (or 2G LAG)

2. AP-335 uses NBASE-T, which should be what Cisco is using. So long as NBASE-T is used, it should work fine at 2.5G off the multi-rate port.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: WAVE 2 technology

thanks jerrod! :)

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