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WIFI Performance



We currently have the following setup:

Build Time:
2017-08-08 06:38:37 UTC (build 60886) by p4build

We have 4 AP's and the controller reports 130 connected clients, split roughly between the 4 AP's


We are having the following issues on the WIFI Only:

Users are complaining of Slow Performance

Skype calls are being dropped

Pages are timing out

I will sometimes loose some pings while on the AP's or have higher MS response time. Normally sit around 5ms but spikes to 150, 900ms etc


HP Switches have been checked and no CRC errors etc on the ports.

Equipment has been rebooted


2.4 and 5GHZ is setup although 5ghz is pref and I'm connected on 5GHZ


Each client is restricted to 30mbps up/down in an effort to help resolve some issues. But we are still having the mentioned above issues.


However when on the LAN there are no issues and everythig is fast.


What extra information do you need from me to help diagnose this issue as I'm new to Aruba points.


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Re: WIFI Performance

Personally I would eliminate the user restrictions.


Disable 2.4 on one AP. (There are only 3 non-overlapping channels)


Upgrade code to the newest version.


Add an additional AP.


Enable 'Drop BC/MC' on the VAP.

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Re: WIFI Performance



You can force 5GHz in Steering mode in VAP profile or disable 2.4GHz band as above.

Thank you,
Ratchapas S.
Thailand ^_^
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Re: WIFI Performance



130 / 4 so around 32 users per AP. Since wifi is basically half duplex, 32 users on the same AP and channel is alot in my opinion. More APs would be better, if its a large open area we´re talking about maybe adjust the signal strenght down, allthough arm generally does a good job managing this.

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WIFI Performance



I have a mix of 335's and 225's with about 250 clients in an elementary school. I MAC computers and iPads and my clients are taking 60 seconds to find an airport and when they do they have bad performance also they can drop the network at times. I am unable to find a fix for this issue.I have looked at Bluetooth and microwave interference but can find none.

The distance between the AP's is about 40' to 50'

   Any ideas?

Thank you for any and all help! 

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Re: WIFI Performance

Please see here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Technology-Blog/Removing-the-Bottleneck-in-Wireless/ba-p/77978

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Re: WIFI Performance

Thank you! Lots of info here I will make some changes and let you know if they worked out. Thank you for your help! 

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Re: WIFI Performance

So I have checked out some settings and things look odd. In my tests, I am finding a lot of noise -75+ even when I am testing only 2 feet from some of my AP's

I have changed my power TX settings down.

I cant find any issues with interference devices.  

Our clients have been getting kicked off of the network a lot today and we have had no bandwidth issues. 

I can see that we have some errors in AirWave but don't know what they mean.


Any ideas?


Thank you for any and all help!

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Re: WIFI Performance

If you have support, open a ticket. They will ask you to enable user-debugging for a specific client and then send the debug logs along with the exact times of the disconnects.


Are all your AP's in the same AP group?

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Re: WIFI Performance

We have a support open on this issue but having trouble still.


Yes, all of the AP's are in the same group. 


However, only our elementary school is having issues, Our high school and middle school seem fine.


Will we be able to track 600 clients with this issue or is this a single user tracking?



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