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WIFI network slowed than wired??

we have a remote facility that utilizes 2 AP105's pointing back to our main data center (no local controller).  The download/upload speeds are much slower than clients connected to the wired network.  I know there is a lot to consider here, but normal?

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Re: WIFI network slowed than wired??

Are your AP105's operating in Instant mode, or are they managed centrally from a controller located at the data center? What is the WAN connection from the remote site back to the data center?

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Re: WIFI network slowed than wired??

Need mor data to formulate an answer much better than a guess, but assuming these are controller based and you haven't set up local drop-off for the clients...


The AP tunnels all traffic back to the controller and drops it off on the LAN (local to the controller) so connecting to a resource local to the client would traverse the WAN link twice -- once inside the GRE tunnel from AP to controller and then again outside the tunnel from controller to resource. To make it worse the answer also traverses the WAN twice.


Even with a fast connection that can add a fair amount of latency.


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Re: WIFI network slowed than wired??

I agree that their needs to be more information provided but even slow wired should be full duplex (Wireless is half duplex). 


Is the wired network 1gig? An ap105 will only support 300M with no other users/interference and that is only theoretical speeds not real world.

So if your users are comparing a 1gig wired network to your ap’s 105 and they are pulling large files then yes wireless is going to seem slow.

If you are using a remote controller and not using local bridging (Matthew point this out in the above post “local drop-off”)that might help a lot but it all depends on where your clients are where the data is they want to access.
If the clients are at the remote site and all their data is at the data center then moving to local bridging isn’t going to help. 

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