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WLAN mode (amber) vs N Mode (green)

Hello - we have several APs at a remote location that have both 11A/N and 11B/G/N LEDs showing Amber. 

Aside from this in the install guide I see no references as to what the differnence is; what they should be. I assume Green.

Can anyone link me to what the difference is between WLAN mode and N Mode?

Is there anyway to force N Mode / Green lights?



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Re: WLAN mode (amber) vs N Mode (green)

You need to enable "high-throughput" under "rf dot11a/g" radio profiles to make them green
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Re: WLAN mode (amber) vs N Mode (green)

When I check ".bg HT Mode" it shows: 



But the lights are still red? Any thoughts?


Re: WLAN mode (amber) vs N Mode (green)

Please check your settings on the following screen 


Configuration/all-profiles/wireless lan/virtual-AP/SSID-profile/high throughput SSID profile


"Highthroughput Enable (SSID) == checked"


The setting you indicate above would only affect one of the radios in the AP, not both... so even if that was the setting it would not change both LEDs ;)

Please try verifiying the settings I have here and see if the highlighted setting is 'enabled' at this time.




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