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WLC 7005 image upgraded issue,

Hi Support team,


I have a 7005 controller and suffer from a issue as attachment, it always shows "A additional image upgrade is required to complete the", my image version is "Aruba OS" whih should be ok for 7005,

Plz help us to check why this warming message is always happened,

We also try to control a AP325 but the AP could not be recognized by 7005, plz help us to check what special set up Ineed to do at 7005,


Thanks, Sean

Re: WLC 7005 image upgraded issue,

Run the upgrade, if you get the message, finish the first upgrade, reboot, and then run the same upgrade again (basically two upgrades in a row to the same partition). If you have a very early 7005, one of the later upgrades requires two upgrades (one to change the partition size, another to load the rest of the AP images). Once the two upgrades in a row are done (the second upgrade shouldn't spit that message out), assuming you are in a country where the 325 is supported, you should be good. If not, open a TAC case.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: WLC 7005 image upgraded issue,



It seems I need to get the image and then upgrade via the CLI or GUI,

Plz guide us where to get the image,


Thanks, Sean

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Re: WLC 7005 image upgraded issue,


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