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WLC to switch ICMP packet loss


We have 7210 controller, AOS 6.5.2.

We have configured vlan 10 and 20 on controller with trunk port,. WLC is working as passthrough mode. IP leaseing done by Core switch (Brocade), WLC is directly connected to core switch, Core switch connected to distribution switch, Distribution switch connected to Access switch, AP are connected on Access switch.

Both vlan are located on core switch.

The issue is - While i try to ping Brocade switch from WLC, we observed 52% packet loss. (ping count 100), we tried second vlan as well but packet loss is there. If i ping from Core switch to WLC there is no ICMP packet loss.

There is no issue reported regarding wireless access.

If we ping from distribution/ access switch/AP or client there is no packet loss.

We replace WLC ethernet cable, reboot WLC but no luck. There is no error observed on WLC and core switch interface. Also speed and duplex setting is same on both trunk port.

I have one doubt about MTU. On WLC MTU is 1500 and on core switch 2500. But i tried to ping from other network resources to core switch IP there is no ICMP loss observed.

Can someone please help me to fix this issue.

Thank You..

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Re: WLC to switch ICMP packet loss

I would recommend setting the MTU on the port that the controller is patched into to match the controller MTU 1500.

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Re: WLC to switch ICMP packet loss



We configured MTU 1500 on Brocade switch but no luck.

What is default  ICMP rate limit configured on WLC.

We will be tring to configure the same on Switch.


Thank you

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