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WPA3 support in IAP225


We are using IAP225 in our network. Recently, we have upgraded our AP’s to 8.5.x.x firmware. With the new firmware, we were expecting to make use of new security protocol WPA3 in our network profiles. However, configuring WPA3 is not making the AP to broadcast the SSID. The release note suggests WPA3 is not supported in IAP225 however, I did not get any error while setting the SSID with new security standard. Could you confirm whether WPA3 is supported in IAP225 or not?


Here is the configuration:


04:bd:88:c9:a6:48# show network | include Test

Test        PAC-Test        0        employee  all   None                   WPA3_SAE        VLAN 4085      Disabled  -     Default  No



04:bd:88:c9:a6:48# show network Test | include Mode  

Mode                   :wpa3-sae-aes


04:bd:88:c9:a6:48# show network Test | include Mode

Mode                   :wpa3-cnsa



             Supported settings in CLI:

opmode         - SSID operation mode - opensystem/wpa2-aes/wpa2-psk-aes/wpa-tkip/wpa-psk-tkip/wpa-tkip,wpa2-aes/wpa-psk-tkip,wpa2-psk-aes/static-wep/dynamic-wep/mpsk-aes/enhanced-open/wpa3-sae-aes/wpa3-aes-ccm-128/wpa3-cnsa



Aruba 8.5 Release note:

The WPA3 opmodes are effective only on the 300 Series, 303 Series, 310 Series, 320 Series, 330 Series, 340 Series, 360 Series, 370 Series, AP-387, AP-514, and AP-515 access points. Other access points will reject these opmodes.




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Re: WPA3 support in IAP225

As the release notes mentions, the IAP-225 do not support WPA3 in release 8.5. You can configure it because in a mixed cluster with AP-300/500 series, the configuration would make sense.

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