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Walled Garden Limit


First post here, and wondered if someone can help...


Currently using Aruba central to manage an IAP-205H access point. One of the requirements for the network, is to add around 150 walled garden entries.


It seems to be limited to 16 entries. I have contacted support, and had to speak to 5 people before anyone even knew what a walled garden even was (I really am not joking). They were unable to help.


Does anyone know if there is any way to raise this limit, or any methods which can be used to get around it.


In essence, I need to throw up a captive portal, but there is a requirement for these 150 domains to be available before authentication.


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions how to get around this?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Walled Garden Limit

For anyone else who may have been stuck with the same problem, I've managed to find a way around it.


I actually changed the network to role-based, then added in a pre-authorised user, and added the entries as ALLOW access rules for this user.


There doesn't appear to be any limit to these rules (or higher than my requirement), so works perfectly, and effectively doing the same job.

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