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Wave 1 and Wave 2 WIPS difference

Dear All,

My question is the following:

Is there any restriction in the WIPS activity in case we use wave 1 AM APs in Wave 2 environment?

I mean for example a 205 AP used in AM mode can't detect the Wave 2 client that connect to Wave 2 Rogue AP or do any malicious activity.

Every difference is interesting.

Thank you,


Re: Wave 1 and Wave 2 WIPS difference

There's nothing special about a Wave2 AP in terms of how they communicate on a protocol level that would be obscured from a Wave1 AP. Unless there are vulnerabilities exposed in the MU-MIMO component of the AP-Client communication (which to my knowledge there isn't), an 11ac Wave1 AP as a pure WIDS sensor should be able to monitor a Wave2 environment without any gaps.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: Wave 1 and Wave 2 WIPS difference

Hi jhoward,


Thank you for your answer.


I remembered that the Wave 2 AP can use 160 MHz wide channel but Wave 1 AP only can use 80 MHz wide channel.


Is not that a problem ?


Best regards,




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Re: Wave 1 and Wave 2 WIPS difference

AP management traffic still uses a single channel even when bonding (40mhz/80mhz/160mhz), and the management channel is what is monitored for WIDS/WIPS.  That does not change in a 160 mhz wide channel.

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Re: Wave 1 and Wave 2 WIPS difference

Hi Joseph,

Very thank you.

Best regards,

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