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Web interface and Windows 8

Just wanted to see if anybody is having issues accessing the web interface on any controllers using a computer running Windows 8.


My boss recently got a new laptop with Win8 and told me he is unable to pull up any of the controllers.  I tested it on my Win8 desktop and got the same thing (I'm running IE10 - boss tried with IE and Firefox).


However, I am able to access the web interface on controllers that I recently upgraded to, but none of the others (running and  Everything pulls up fine on my Windows 7 and XP PCs.


My gut tells me it has something to do with the certificate and probably some revocation via OCSP or other security setting.


Re: Web interface and Windows 8

Try to change the Browser Mode.  Press F12 when in IE.  Change the Browser Mode to IE9 or IE8 and see if it helps.



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Re: Web interface and Windows 8

Thanks - wasn't aware you could do that in IE.  Didn't help, but still good information ;)


Looks like it was an MTU issue on the PCs (at least for mine - still waiting for my boss to get around to changing his settings), although strange that it worked for all the controllers.


Was under the impression that all the MTU settings had been adjusted in our PC images, but I guess they haven't gotten around to Win8 yet.  Honestly, I wasn't aware they were deploying Win8 other than for playing around and testing.



Re: Web interface and Windows 8

I dont think thtas a problem..

Im running win 8 on my tablet and i have not need to do anything of it or change to access the controllers




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Re: Web interface and Windows 8

Interesting.  I guess it's possible that there is another issue.  Still waiting for my boss to get back to me.  A while back we had some issues with some sort of TCP scaling setting that needed to be adjusted.  I believe they were able to take care of that via a GPO and my Win8 desktop has been sitting here unused for several months, so I assume that was already adjusted.


I don't have many Win8 machines readily available to test with, so I can only go by what I was able to see on my desktop.  My boss is off site today and I'm off site tomorrow.


As long as I can still access my controllers, I'm not too worried about him ;)


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