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WebCC behaviour

Hi all,

I am testing WebCC in a IAP and controller enviroment and i am seeing in both the same behaviour.

When i create a rule in wich i deny access to a type of content , when the client tries to connect to a webpage that is related to that type of content the client can "see it" the first time it tries to connect and after that he is blocked.

I know that the controller/VC need to connect to Webroot to retrieve info regarding the page and then cache it so i am guessing this is a "normal behaviour" or am i doing something wrong when configuring it?



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Re: WebCC behaviour

You are correct. Controllers have greater resources and are able to store the database.

Instant cannot store the whole database


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Re: WebCC behaviour

thanx for the reply cappalli.

So the "first" user to connect to a page can always "see" it, only the user after him or if he tries to connect again will the access be blocked


This can be tricky if the connection is made to a botnet CC and the "first" user can receive something from it...




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