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What Controller is Compatible (AP103 & AP305)

Onan auction I bought a AP103 and an AP305, a brief google search told me you the AP's had two modes IAP and AP and you could switch. (however it was never mentioned this was not . a AP->IAP conversion)


Originally I wanted to plug the AP305 in the switch at GigE speed and 'link' to the AP103 to get wireless in a current 'bad coverage spot'.


As I understand the contoller thing, you basically connect the AP's to the controller and the controller to the GigE switch?


Anyways. I would like to te get the two AP's working and give the users (my family) a good connection, but not a fortune on a controller. So what are my options now?


-- hardware controller ? (guess the 7005 is the appropiate option)

-- software controller?  (is this available, I read about ArbubaOS and VM's but it unclear to me if that would solve the issue?)


-- EOL Aruba controller (can be had for cheap, but will they provide the GigE access (620 is $80) with only 1 GigE port and support for ancient wifi protocols. 

-- other options?


Any pointers would be welcome!

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Re: What Controller is Compatible (AP103 & AP305)

7005 is your best bet.  You would not need a VM.

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Re: What Controller is Compatible (AP103 & AP305)

Hi uSuRA,


The AP support is based on the ArubaOS releases, you can find the minimum OS version in the datasheets.




Minumum version ArubaOS




Minumum version ArubaOS /


ArubaOS 6 is diffrent of ArubaOS 8, with AOS8 you have the oppertunity to install a mobility controller on a hypervisorplatform (esxi or hyperv).


Please note that older controllers like the Aruba 3200XM can only run on ArubaOS 6.4.4.x and cant be used for your AP-305.


Yes AP cant convert to IAP, so you need a controller to operate them. The smalles controller for your AP-305 is an Aruba 7000 series controller (or virtualmachine but that isnt nessesary). And dont forget you need an AP licence per AP ;) some controller come with some factory intergrated licence but iam not sure which models that are exactly, you could probarly check that in the quickspecs.



Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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