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What do I look for when showin high latency in WLAN?

I'm new to Aruba and I'm trying to figure out what to look for.


I have only one IAP 215 converted to CAP attached to a 7005 Controller. Around 12 clients connect to on 2.4Ghz radio and a couple in 5GHz.


Every once in a while, more often than not, I start getting high latency readings on the WLAN, packets dropped and eventually, signal loss in 2.4 band which is the oddest part of my issue. 5GHz clients remain conected but all 12 stop reading the SSID in 2.4.


My question is, what parameters do I look for, what do I monitor In the controller and what values should be considered healthy in the controller dashboard. I hope this is not too vague of a question.



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Re: What do I look for when showin high latency in WLAN?

In the SSID, under advanced, make sure broadcast filtering is set to all.
Latency is typically because other clients are sending or receiving traffic at the same time.
I would also turn down the maximum transmit power by 3 on the 2.4ghz in the ARM settings....

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Re: What do I look for when showin high latency in WLAN?

If it's 2.4GHz only that's losing connections, I'd suspect something interfering in that band, which is quite heavily used.  Microwaves, foreign APs, lots of things.  A leaky microwave oven could nuke your 2.4GHz quite easily.

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